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the stories we're following the cold are the cause of a death in dublin.
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a freeze warning is continuing through monday for most of the bay area. and that bat kid make as come back on saturday. he has a new mission. what he was up to this time around. and a big game here later on today, the niners take on the seahawks. a win improves san francisco's -- san francisco's chances to get to the playoffs. and we're starting things off this morning in the weather center because we are dealing with more cloud temperatures around the bay area. there is a freeze warning. >> it is in effect and a freezing morning out there you can see the satellite and radar. we have the cool air mass above us. that's keeping things cool we have another freezing warning for us. temperatures down to the 30s and near the coast.
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blew freezing causing problems. and plants. this is where the temperatures are now. you can see 26 degrees if you are heading out, 27 in napa. and 28 in upper 30s in san francisco. 32 in san mateo. another freezing morning. we have a few more on the board. >> and cold may be the death for a homeless man. no cause has been given yet but they are taking the cold weather into account. an autopsy will be conducted tomorrow. exposure to the cold, if it caused his death, it would be the first person -- fifth person in the area to die due to the cold snap. the storm dropped 3 feet of
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snow. we take this live picture. this is from tahoe city. you can see a brilliant start. a major resort opened for the season but they say they need more snow to swing into full operation. kirk wood reports it dumped about 2 to 3 feet of snow over a 24 hour period that ended yesterday morning. and snow fell with a foot and a half at squaw valley. all resorts ovenning limited operations now until they get some more snow. a war veteran is spending his first day at home. his long awaited return is after being detained for 42 days in north korea. here he is yesterday. and the 85 year old arrived back in the bay area yesterday. he was review itemed with his -- he was reunited with his wife and son. he was forced into confessing
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while in north korea. he wanted to thank his supporters when he returned. >> and the american embassy in beijing for all their help. it hags been a great homecoming and i'm tired but i have my family. >> and the news agency says that newman was deported from the country was a humanitarian act. when he was asked if he would go back to north korea he chuckled and said probably not. the 49ers getting a chance of redemption. they will square off today. that game holds big playoff implications. it is no secret they do not
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like each other. and seattle can clinch the west with a win and they are trying to make the playoff. now ahead they are trying to get the fans involved. they sent a home field advantage plan telling fans to wear red and when to be quiet. and media reports some fans pulled money together and use a plain to fly a banner prior to kickoff. and they are racing money and they posted a picture of trophys so this is a fun
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matchup for fans. i checked on line and $300. that's partly due to this is the second to last game here before the 49ers and now they will take it from the stick and home with you. tough buy them on line. and it starts next year. >> and not only are they not like each other but the coaches have a history of not. >> and it has turned into one of the best in the nfl a lot of this is all in good fun. they want to make sure it is all in good fun. they will have the most police officers here under cover here. that person that you are arguing with, it may be a
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police officer. >> a big story is that kid with a new mission. this sim he was helping other kids. he he arrived by escort. >> you feel good? >> yes. >> how do you like the weather. >> not good. >> you are going to get into the water? >> no. [ laughter ] >> how do you like being here? >> good. >> happy day for us. if he can help anyone by doing what being batman that's what we want. >> and he is in remission. he ended treatments in june.
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they live in make a wish granted the wish of turning san francisco into going ham city where he rescued a woman in trouble and saved the giant's mascot. coming up, a national day of prayer and reflection following the death of nelson mandela. that's after the break. i'm in my walk in closet.
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today is a day of prayer and reflection. along with that there is a sense of celebration that shows no signs of letting up. people are singing and dancing outside of the mandela home in south africa. >> reporter: a trip of song and dance and tribute to nelson
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mandela. >> he is a great. we will never have a man like that again. >> singing songs of the 1980s from south africa, many of these people would have been part of the struggle to liberate the country. what is remarkable is this unifying nature of the man and people of all races, creeds and ages have come out here. this is a period of mourning but it is a period of celebration for south africa. craig dickerson came with his son. >> and the youths that are coming through. he is an icon. >> reporter: and another brought her grandmother. >> she was there. and they understand more than we did. they were born into it and
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knows what the truth is. >> they have been lighting candles and laying flowers, many of them here are children and the note and written by young south africa. and i love you. it is extraordinary. and see personal connections that man had with the people. he says that he has not been able to sleep or eat since he heard the news. i believe without then. >> but mostly they sing. and remember the man that unify ad country divided by history. with his lasting message of
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we're back and talking about the cold as we have been for the past week or so. i understand that tonight will be the coldest of the week. >> we'll have another freezing morning as well as some other freezing start today. as we head into the afternoon. expecting 34069ly -- mostly sunny skies. and high level clouds another morning freeze. tuesday will be another freeze. not until midweek that the temperatures are gradually going to warm up for us. >> and the satellite and radar. we have the air mass. we'll feel a weak system. another cold start and it is
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today. and. 32 degrees. the afternoon 40s. 44 in livermore. 125. and 40s. and sunny and cold. and we have another round of temperatures tomorrow morning. dropping down for the lows.
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>> never thought that would be a cause for celebration. it is cold in the bay area but the country is under a deep freeze. the ice storm that brought misery has moved out. another is taking aim. and the weather service said the air mass. and players, coaches and fans. and parts of the caught. the area is among the hardest hit. and it knocked out power to
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homes. and one truck spun off a bridge. and will see more on sunday and it is refreezing and bringing them down. the cold forced the cancellation of the marathon. trucks were busy after snow and ice covered the roads there making driving a nightmare. it is a challenge every time. >> and privacy concerns are. the health of exchange is giving the name of agencies without letting consumers know.
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they provided it for those who searched it on line and did not ask to be contacted. covered california said the information was to make the process easier for consumers. the ntsb is preparing for the hearing on the crash at sfo that killed three and injured 300 in july. the two-day panel will meet on tuesday and wednesday in washington, dc. the board will hearsome from the faa. boeing and asiana and other associations as well. they will look into what caused the crash and be looking at cabin safety and pilot awareness and training. police have a description in the amber alert from washington state. authorities are asking that you look out for a 2001 to 2003 hunter green ford escape with temporary washington reg nation. they say that the man on the right may be behind the wheel. he is accused of abducting a 14
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year old on wednesday in washington. police believe that they could be passing through the bay area on his way to mexico. an effort to fund a buy back for san jose is less than halfway towards the goal. and has about three days to go. and the buy back would be on december 14th. every $100 will take one gun off the street. and this is scheduled to be held in san jose on the 14th. that's the one year anniversary of the sandy hook shooting that killed 26 children and adults. coming up officials are talking about a way to get around lake tahoe. let's look outside. a nice start to the day. it is cold as we take this look from our roof camera. we'll be right back.
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if you would like to help critters find a home the animal shelters are lowering their adoption fees. it is part of the home for the holidays campaign. they are looking to find more dogs and cat as family of their own. so the cost which ranges from 90 to 120 dollors will be dropped to $12 through new year's eve t covers neutering costs, microships -- chips. they hope to find homes for 1300 animals by the new year. the consumer product safety commission has tips for you on decorating. avoid falls by using the propertyize ladder. and they were the top cause of 15,000 holiday decorating injuries just last year.
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and live trees need to be kept away from heat courses. throw out lights that are broken or fraying cords or bare wires. remember to put candles where children or pets can not reach them: put them out before you go to bed and leave the room or the house. cal trans trains will be leaving to collect goods for needy children. it will arrive at at the station at 4:00 this afternoon. then it women travel down making 9 stops. the crowd will be entertained and a he show featuring santa. and you from going, bring a new unwrapped toy for the toys for tot program. the train will be making stops in san mateo and sunnyvale.
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for information go to cal lake tahoe may be using ferries for transportation. officials are hoping by 2016. they will have a pair of 120 passenger ferries shuttling people. and they hope to do is t in less than half an hour. they will be traveling between the marinas and tahoe city. and it is estimated during the travel the boats would be making about 8 trip as day. and ahead for you, another chilly start to the day but you cannot use the fireplace to warm up. why after the break. let's take a look outside. this is the view from mount tam from 4000 feet up. >> the word of the day. lights. go to kron and click on rewards. beer the word lights.
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you will earn points.
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we're back and another chilly start in the bay area.
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let's talk about the temperatures and a freezing start and mentioned. this is what they look like. and at 26 degrees. and concord. and about 30 in fremont. below average. and the 48 and san jose. and it will be breezy and clear and cold again we'll see a cloud cover in the 30s by 8:00. dropping to 34. it will be freezing at 8 p.m.
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32 there. and now we will take a look at the temperatures in the bay area. we'll look at that but now to marty. the weather on sunday will be cold, and fires will not be enough. it is a spare the air day. and using wood stoves or fire pits or any other device is illegal during the alert. the only exception would be where they are the only heat source. now it is as the service is issuing another freeze warning and late tonight through this morning. the homeless program will be placing 375 beds in shelters. it is in response to the death
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of several homeless people. and the beds will be in bill roy and sunnyvale. saturday marked the first snow fall for mount hamilton. and jeff pierce made the climb to show us the snow dusting. >> reporter: the first snow fall appeared on mount hamilton. a dusting so sparse it failed to attract snow seekers from the valley below. but for those who yearn for the crispness of the winter air, that lack meant one could find enough to experience a bit of winter solitude. and the snow covered road if only for a few hundred yards. flakes clinging to the branches, and frosted foilage. and should it be with the
8:34 am
solitary visitor and the cloud may contribute few flakes to the illusion. for those who rely on the first snow fuel mark the passage of time, autumn will be behind us, the arrival of winter is days away. well a family of four is homeless this morning falling a fire. it was last night. the cause was discarded fireplace ashes. no one was hurt but the front of the home sustained damage to a garage and vehicle as you can see. the blaze caused $65,000 worth of damage. officials want residents to remember to place them in a covered melt container away from the home and douse the ashes with water before disposal. the bic game between the finessers and seahawks takes place today. police are warning fans to keep
8:35 am
the peace. and extra officers will be in attendance and he says that he probably will not recognize them. >> reporter: security is so tight ahead of the game a day before the 49ers and seahawks square off here even the media is being turned away at the gate. this is an example of what the police do not want to happen during sunday's matchup between the rivals. this sis a parking lot fight that broke out. and the police chief says that the fans need to keep hands to themselves. and similar to what is done at big games whether it is niners games or giants games. they will pose as fans. there will be officers dressed in seahawks gear and in this case, there will be more fans at this game than ever before see it is best to remain peaceful and remember that that fan you start an argument with,
8:36 am
may be a cop. they have clinched the playoff spot and closing in on the west title. >> looking for and the defending nfc 49ers are 8-4. they are fighting to get back into the season. kickoff is sunday at 1:25. >> let's turn to some baseball news. oakland is keeping the as. and this comes from bud selig that the bid to move is denied. a letter from mlb deng the bid showed up in court documents. the league admitted as part of the legal argument to dismiss the anti-trust lawsuit over the a's future stadium plans. the team renewed the contract with for the next two years. and attention wrack
8:37 am
recovers san francisco's second crab festival is taking place. pgh from noon to 3 on the terrace level of the maritime museum. and it will be preparing dishes and wine tastings from wineries. they will cost $40 per person. they will cost $45 at the door. they are available by visiting the fest. a lane of highway 101 is closed and remain that way until 8:30 tonight. this is after a car crashed into a power pole this morning t went off the highway near hellier avenue coming to a rest against the poll. the lane just north of hellier off ramp will be closed as pg and e crews work to prepare that pole. coming up. stanley robertson and the
8:38 am
search for people behaving badly. that's next.
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here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> and drivers and bikers have to share the road. that's an undisputed fact. if you disagree you may be part of the problem. >> the city of san francisco is creating more and more dedicated bike lanes let's face it, they are needed. the problem is they are not respecting the lanes like this one here on eighth street. now i just go out and show you the problem but this time a commander. happened to see me shooting and asked what the problem was. i saw it. >> we'll get people out here to take care of it to do a little
8:42 am
education. and in a few minutes, they were on the scene educating. >> you are not supposed to enter until here. how do you tell the difference. >> there is a line in the street there. aide the rules of the bike lane. >> these dedicated bike lanes are unless you are parking. only merge when there is a break. buses cannot use it to keep on stel. they are for bikes. this guy gave me a piece of his mind and receiving a ticket. >> i teach at the university. i'm serious about it. >> okay. >> i don't see -- he was
8:43 am
driving illegally and it is my fault. >> state law prohibits people from driving in the lane and no matter who you put the lane on the low is the law. >> thank you for bringing this to our attention.
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we are back. if you are looking to see a movie there is a movie about family and justice. what is at the movies and what is showing in now showing. >> reporter: and around two broth merse a depressed town in america's rust belt. one of the brothers gets home from serving in iraq and lured into a ring and disappears. >> it is tough. makes me want to jump in there with you.
8:47 am
>> see who walks out. >> when the police give up on the case it is up to his older brother to help him. out of the furnace with christian bale and forest whitaker. for now showing. here is a strange story a trip from louisiana to california took a strange turn during a connecting flight in houston. a man says that he fell asleep on the plane that was filled with passengers when he woke up he was inside the plane all alone and locked inside. he was traveling on a united express jet. he woke up to a pitch black cabin. he thought he was in a nightmare. later workers boarded the plane and they were stunned to find him there alone. he now describes what happened next. >> everyone falls asleep. who shut the door.
8:48 am
and don't put the blame on me i didn't do nothing wrong. they said you know try to keep it quiet. >> and wagner said he didn't get a refund but the airline put him up at hotel. think twice about falling asleep,. >> and, we are waking up and showing clouds out there. another cold start to the day. it will be cold as we head into the afternoon around. another morning freeze sunny skies in the afternoon. and the air mass and ushering in the clouds they will pick
8:49 am
up. and below freezing and 28 and in napa mid30s. noon and thans and the 40s. and mid40s for napa. and heading to the 9ers game. and it will be cold you are going to want to bring a jacket. it has and 10 p.m. getting the and inland that's been issued. and a warm up and but and the
8:50 am
evening will take longer. and wednesday into thursday. it looks like finally as we head into the weekend we'll have 60s. >> thank you. and the cold weather is threatening the state's $2 billion citrus crop. how they are battling to save their fruit and livelihood. the first blast is amade the harvest season. >> so what percentage of your crop would you say you have harvested so far. 40%. >> there is more urgency they are threatening the family's 7000 acres of oranges and other fruit. and it is not just how cold it gets but the duration.
8:51 am
it will not hurt the trees but it can harm the fruit. we were doing everything we can to beat it. >> and they are on edge staying up all night to monitor the temperatures when they bring into action. >> it is it create as player of. >> it is good for ten to 15 acres. growers warm the ground by saturating it with water. they must do that before the pipes freeze. >> and they refuse to delegate. it is hands on so far in the 20s so good. you can cut the fruit and check
8:52 am
for damage. >> he has not slept in three days. next week is going to be a tough one. which means you are less likely to see the higher prices at the market. >> and now the warriors rebounding following one of the most disappointing losses against houston on friday. they took on the grizzlies. it was thompson leading the way. lee following with 23 to help beat the shorthanded grizzlies. and curry breaking the record for career 3 pointers. the rode trip continues in charlotte tomorrow. and a dominating first half for stanford yesterday. you can see tile year gaffney. stanford beating number 11 ranked arizona state. 38-14. in the pac 12. running for 133-yards. scoring 3 touchdowned its in
8:53 am
the game. and gaffney leading the way with the run on the cardinal's second play of the game. and to earn the shot at repeating as rose bowl champions. facing the seahawks the raiders will take on the jets. and kick off is at 10 a.m. much more ahead. we'll be back. i love watching tv outside.
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look at these santas. this is the annual running of the santas. it takes place in philadelphia on saturday. and people dress up and instead of delivering gifts they swap milk and cookies for cookies. thousands joining in on the fun.
8:57 am
and spreading to other cities across the country. and bringing it closer to home. alameda got in the spirit when they lit up the christmas tree in a ceremony. they are over by the mayor's office and it stands in front of the office and it was shining very frightly as you can see there. and getting in the spirit with another local special. and next friday night at 9 p.m. we'll have the stop stories and the niners and seahawks. we take a look at candlestick
8:58 am
where the tailgaters are moving into the parking lot.
8:59 am
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this is what we a following. the cold temperatures is believed to be the cause of a death. and it will continue for the bay area through tomorrow. bat kid made a come back. his new mission. the big game at candlestick park as the niners take on the seahawks later today a win improves the chances to make it to the playoffs. we have a live report. we want to get things
9:01 am
started by checking in on the weather forecast. >> it is a freezing start to the day. they are below freezing. and 30 there. and heading out. and 37 in oakland and 33 in san mateo. and another chilly round in antioch. there. we have another cold day in store. below average. we'll break those down coming up in the forecast. >> frigid temperatures are to blame for those in dublin. no cause has been given to the death but deputies are taking it into account. an autopsy will be conducted on monday f exposure caused the man's death. it will be the fifth person to die in the bay area due to the cold snap. >> and a storm dropped up to 3
9:02 am
feet of snow as we take a live view from tahoe city. the ski resorts have opened but they say they need more snow. the storm has done 2 to 3 feet of snow over the 24 hour period ending saturday morning. and two and a half feet fell with a foot and a half at squaw valley. there are limited operations until they get more snow. a korean war veteran is spending a day at home. merrill newman's return is after being detained in north korea for 42 days. he was reunited with his wife and son. he was released after what some say was a forced confession and the first thing was thank his
9:03 am
supporters. i want to thank the embassy in beijing. it has been a great homecoming. and i'm here with my family. >> and the state news agency says that knew than was deported as a humanitarian act. if he was asked to if he would ever go back he said probably not. turning to another big story today, the niners will get a chance at redempship against the seahawks. they square off at 125 today. it holds playoff implications. and mike, good morning. >> good morning to you. fans are piling into the parking lot on a chilly morning outside of candlestick park. >> and out of seattle.
9:04 am
and they can clip temperature with a win and the 49ers are trying to make the playoffs. they will be involved ahead and a moment field advantage plan to wear red and be on time and when to cheer. there are reports that some fans pooled money together and use a plan to fly a go hawks banner some are trying to race 7000-dollars to post a billboard with a picture of five championship trophies and the words how many do you have. they are halfway toward their goal. this goes back to when jim har
9:05 am
bow coached. if you are looking to get a ticket they are running for $270. this is the second to last game before they move next season. if you are looking to get t they go on sale. >> you have to buy two. they will run you $700. let me make sure say there this straight. they are 747 for the pair or each? >> reporter: for the bear. and you don't get them until they take down the stadium.
9:06 am
and another story has to do with bat kid. he had a new commission. and helping the sick kids. and make a wish foundation. he helped kick off the race he ented treatments in june. and the make a wish foundation granted the wish of turning it into got ham city. he saved the giant's mascot. the creator of the t-shirt has reached epic proportions. if you have not gotten our order in, you are out of luck
9:07 am
it is sold out. there are other collections. it has raised $30,000. >> much more ahead. checking out the bridge where we see sunshine.
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9:10 am
today is a day of reflection and and no and the family home. paying tribute to nelson
9:11 am
mandela. >> and he is the greatest. many of these. and what is remarkable is the unifying nature of the man and all creeds coming out here. this is a period of mourning and it is a period of celebration. >> he came with his son. >> the youth that are coming through, he is an icon. she hopes to remember. >> they gain more than wedid.
9:12 am
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we are waking up to partly cloudy skies. you can see see the flag blowing. and a below average. and gradual warming. and looking at satellite above us. chilly for us. and for the cool air. we have more freezing nights. where the temperatures are below freezing at 30 degrees. santa rosa. and 36 currently in richmond.
9:17 am
mid30s. another round of temperatures. and jacket required. and 45. and upper 40s. 125. and now we have another freezing night. kicking in again. for the bay area. a long duration. pipes could burst. another cold night. around the. and for the lows.
9:18 am
we could see another freeze warning. it looks like the next weekend we have 60s back on the board. >> thank you. we'll talk about the weather because in california is threatening the state's two billion dollars citrus crop. they use the wind machines to preserve those. they create a layer of air that raises the ground temperature. they warm the ground by saturating it. they have to do that before the pipes freeze. he says warming the ground are working so far. >> can you the fruit. >> and $7 million battling
9:19 am
those temperatures. >> one month since the typhoon ravaged the fill means. and people are living in shelters t left 5700 people dead and 1700 missing. some 4000 people are displaced. privacy concerns by a move that may upset residents. the names are given to consumers to agents without letting them know. information was provided for those who researched coverage and did not ask to be
9:20 am
contacted. the ntsb is preparing for a hearing on the crash that killed three and injured more than 300 in july. the panel will meet tuesday and wednesday in. there will be testimony and other associations. they will be looking at safety. awareness and training. look out for a hunter green ford with registration. and the man is accused of abducting a 14 year old in washington state. they could be passing through
9:21 am
the area on his way to mexico. a college is coming under fire for claims it failed to report sexual assaults. it reviewed two complaints showing that it did not disclose 27 assaults. and it had not reported in 2010. and it could be a violation of law. it is it is the federal anti- discrimination law. the department of agriculture is recalling proscutto and it has contamination that can be fatal. it is recalling the whole ham shipped out. it is from ontario, canada. there have been no reports of
9:22 am
illnesses. they are labeled x 4 gold and dated november 14th and 15th. the symptoms are fever, muscle aches headaches and convulsions. an effort to crowd fund a buy back is less than halfway towards the goal. they're running out of days. they have three days to make that goal. the gun buy back would be december 14th. organizers say that every $100 raised will take a gun off the street. it will be held and it's the one year anniversary of the sandy hook shooting that killed 26 children and adults. officials say that a is cord is to blame for a building in alameda. it caused $500,000 in damage to the home on san jose avenue t damaged two units and displaced
9:23 am
five people. the occupants got out safely. coming up, this may be a great time to adopt a pet. why after the break. let's take a look outside, this is a few you can see the clear skies are windy, too. and 2500 feet up.
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
if you would like to help some critters here, officials are looking to find pets families of their own. the casts will be dropped to $12. and now this and microchips.
9:27 am
they hope to find homes for 1300 animals. and lake tahoe may be using ferries for transportation around the lake. officials hope they will have a pair of ferries. and it is estimated during the season they will make 8 trips a year. >> and given the go ahead after it refused to hear a question to make a deal. american and u.s. airways would complete the deal which creates the biggest airline before markets open. the niners facing the
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
we're back. >> and. >> and partly cloudy conditions but it is another freezing start to the day. this is the temperatures now. and 31 heading out and 32 and upper 30s here. and up the east bay. and now as another cold day. and 44. upper 40s. we have another round of
9:31 am
temperatures againment. the future cast and you can see freezing. and 32 degrees. and 34. what we can get out. and. fires will not be an option. it is a spare to air. using fire pits or any wood burning device is illegal during the spare the air alert. the only exception is for homes where the stoves are the only heat source. this is as there is another freeze warning issued for tonight through tomorrow morning. and santa clara's program
9:32 am
will place 375 beds in shelters. it is in response to the four homeless people due to the cold weather. and organizers are saying that the beds will be in shelters and sunnyvale and gill roy until monday. and jeff pierce made the climb to show us the dusting. and it fails to attract from people below. and that lack meant they could experience sol tout. and the if only for a few
9:33 am
hundred yards. the encrusted foilage. and should good for tune be with the illusion. for those who rely on the first snow fall to mark the passage of i'm, autumn is soon to be behind us. another family is homeless after a fire. it was caused by ashes. no one was hurt but the front of the home sustained damage. the blaze caused 65,000 officials want residents to place them in a covered container away from the home.
9:34 am
and a big game kicks off. and officers will be in attendance. you will not recognize them. >> security is so tight that a day before they square off the media is being turned away. >> this is what they do not want to happen. this is what broke out last season. and fans need to keep their hands to themselves and make sure that happens to what has been done there it is the niners games or the giants games, officers will pose as fans. they will be dressed in seahawks gear and the chief said there will be more decoy
9:35 am
fans than ever before. remember that fan you start an argument with may be a cop. they are closing in on the west title. and the 49ers are 8-4. they are fighting to get back into the season. and. now baseball news. oakland is keeping the a's, this coming from the commissioner who let the team know on saturday that the bid to move is denied. and the league admitted to the later as part of the argument and the anti-trust lawsuit it
9:36 am
renewed the plan for the next couple of years. and taking place today. and it will start at noon and run until 3. and they will be featuring dishes repped. there will be wine safetyings. and they cost $45 at the door. they are available at. a lane of highway 101 is closed until 8:30 tonight. and it crashed into a power pole. it went off near hellier avenue. the off ramp will be closed as it works to repair the pole.
9:37 am
stanford heading to the rose bowl. walnut creek. we'll be right back.
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
turk to sports. a disappointing loss. they were taking on the grizzlies. clay thompson led with 30 points. and final was 108-82. in the game curry broke the career franchise record for career 3 pointers. the warriors continuing in charlotte tomorrow. it looks like stanford is heading back to the role bowl for the second year. a 6 #-yard run. this is on the cardinal's second play of the game. and gaffney finished with 133-
9:41 am
yards for the night. they dominated with taking the lead t with be 38-14. stanford wins the pac-12 tiled. they have a shot to repeat. >> turn now to the pros. the raiders take on the jets. >> they are playing at met life. you know about the. and. and. he is staying home in protest against human rights violations and protesting for the harassment of political figures who oppose russia. and he has been a critic of the human rights record. he is not visited russia since
9:42 am
taking office in march. it looks pwaoufrlg out there and cold. [woman] you wrapped the...
9:43 am
9:44 am
[man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter]
9:45 am
welcome back time right now is 945. this is a view. and mainly sunny skies. we expect another round of told temperatures. another freezing morning. and not for midweek. the arctic air mass over us. that's keeping things clouds
9:46 am
are streaming in. 32 if you are heading out. and mid30s. and. and below average temperature day. and 4945. and napa. and kickoff at 125. temperatures in the 40s. sunny and cold companies. we have another freezing night in store for us. a freeze warning issued for the bay area but for the city of san francisco. that's going to nick tonight 10 p.m. and tomorrow morning and we're looking at temperatures in the mid30s and the mid-20s. we look at the 7 day around the
9:47 am
bay. highs will warm up but it will be slower in terms of the overnight lows. we have a few more freezing nights to con tend with. >> and thank you very much. >> the time of year to enjoy great food as you spend time with friends and family. who better to tell us about the restaurants around the bay than table hoppers marrcia galardi. >> have you been keeping warm. >> i had my share of soup. >> you found four new, couple in san francisco. tell us about the new one called alto. it is beautiful. it opened from the twitter building. that was a fortuitous rental. and daniel patterson the latest in his group. and he happens plum in the east bay and haven. >> branching out. >> what is lovely his new chef
9:48 am
is doing clean delicious foods. i had a cracked wheat pore ridge. if you want something to do they have a great burger. >> it runs the gamut. >> they are trying to stay open late for dinner. nice service to 1 a.m. maybe you are out after a party and they have yes. >> just to give the viewers an idea what is the price range? >> some of the dishes range around $19. the burger is 16. they have a delicious chicken confi that's 19. something for everyone unless you want to ramp up or do a lot. but if you want a quick bite. >> that's alta ca? >> right. >> and some sandwiches. >> they are near and dear to my heart. we had a deli in the family. and this is from life of shaw.
9:49 am
she knows her way around the meats. and she is getting one and a half pigs in a week. but they butch ter down and make meat balls. you can see the combo i have to tell you is a gorgeous one. >> highly recommended. >> two thumbs up. what i love about it, she had a custom roll made for the deli. >> and the egg plant. and a messy pork sandwich. >> and give me the napkin. >> that means delicious. >> and near the ballpark it is right over. and so when the games kick in. that's open monday through
9:50 am
saturday. >> when we are closer to baseball season all the restaurants that have opened up near the park. >> there is a lot with that. >> now to the east bay where we want to talk about the new restaurant in berkley. >> yes. that's from who used to be the chef at yoshis. >> the jazz club. anyone who loves sushi knows about t it's in the it is on fourth street. it is a beautiful location. what is great warmer weather kicks in. they have a patio. you do. and what is cool. and does some interesting
9:51 am
dishes. lunch service. and those you will get up into the $30 range. it depends how wild you want to go. >> and we move to oakland. and very much adoored. and and he works with a lot of artists. and you see these chairs. it is about the wood fired drill a rib eye.
9:52 am
maybe you want flat breads. thursday through monday. >> and they get their sea leaks. >> it is a smart move. people like me cover it people go to a lost. >> and every tuesday. and so this coming week. and a new bar.
9:53 am
and check it out. >> thank you. >> see you in a couple of weeks. >> we'll be right back.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
we are back. and. this is in they dress up and instead of delivering gifts they are swapping milk and cockys for cocktails. >> this is a tradition. we're getting you in the spirit with another special amazing holiday lights. it is a program that takes you around the area and looking at lights and other celebrations. can you catch the lights next friday night at 9 p.m.
9:57 am
right here on kron 4. we'll look at the 7 day. another freezing warning. and lasting into tomorrow morning. it looks like the temperatures will not warm up until midweek. we have 60s by saturday. >> it is amazing the turn the weather has taken and the freeze warnings in a row. >> we had cold nights, cold air. it has been freezing. [ laughter ] >> to coin a phrase. >> that's going to wrap things up for us. thank you for joining us. we will see you next weekend. don't forget the news at 8:00. stay warm. .
9:58 am
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